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Bulldog’s Main Health Problems

All breeds have associated health problems, for the English Bulldog the two main issues are their breathing problems (inherent in short faced or Brachycephalic breeds) and that they are prone to allergies.

English Bulldog Food Allergies

Food allergies show up in digestion problems such as diarrhea, vomiting and flatulence (a sign your dog’s body is struggling to digest something).
Food allergies also show as itching, scratching or nibbling issues. These can also occur when a dog isn’t getting enough nutrients from their food and the body has to prioritise the main organs. This means skin and coats can be left without enough nutrients leaving them dry and itchy.

Hypoallergenic Food for Bulldogs

A good hypoallergenic food can help with these problems because they contain none of the most common food allergens:
  • No wheat or grains
  • No dairy
  • No soya
  • No derivatives (any plant or animal can be used by the manufacturer within the catch-all term derivatives)
  • No preservatives
  • No flavourings

Why is Bounce and Bella Grain Free Food Perfect for Bulldogs

  • Our food is hypoallergenic containing none of the common food allergens above.
  • Clear ingredients - front and center - so you know what your dog is eating and you can easily adapt to their needs.
  • Fresh meat that is cooked slowly at low temperatures to keep the taste and the nutrients intact.
  • More nutrients to reach your dog’s skin and no nasties (such as grain) making digestion painful.
  • And we also offer free samples...

Food FREE Samples

We’ve organised free samples for you to try before you buy. That way you can test whether your dog will enjoy their new food. Just pop along to our free sample page to find out more…

English Bulldog Food

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