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Boxes of 16 packs of 500g Grain Free Ultimate Poultry Treats for Dogs... £99.99
Boxes of 16 packs of 500g Grain Free Ultimate Fish Treats for Dogs... £99.99

(Which means £6.24 per pack compared to the usual £10.99 per pack AND delivery is FREE)

Want a further 20% off?

You can get an extra 20% off these 16 packs if you work with dogs for a living, whether you're a trainer, walker, breeder, groomer, whatever kind of dog professional you are.
(20% off the special 16 packs means £5 per pack (incl. vat) compared to the usual £10.99 per pack)

Just sign up to get your 20% off code which you can use again and again.
Click the link below to confirm what kind of dog professional you are and get your code:

Fill in the form, we'll confirm your email and then we'll email the code to you.
Do check your spam if the code doesn't arrive within 15 minutes.

 How to use your code?

  1. Add the special 16 packs of fish or poultry training treats to your basket - items below.
  2. Input your code at checkout
  3. That's it!

NB the code can't be used in conjunction with other discounts but it can be used again and again.

Why Choose Bounce and Bella's Ultimate Training Treats?

  • Healthy - made with just simple, fresh ingredients.
  • No Nasties - no fattening grains or other filler.
  • Small - handy to keep on doing what you're doing and not over-feeding.
  • High-Value - tasty & crunchy means they're a proper reward your dogs will love.
  • Great for your Cashflow - awesome discount and 800 (poultry) or 1000 (fish) treats in each pack means fantastic value for money. 

Are you a Dog Professional?

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 16 packs Grain Free Poultry Training Treats for Dogs
16 Packs of 500g for only £99.99 - Grain Free Ultimate Fish Treats for Dogs - Perfect for Pet Professionals