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Dog Treats & Food Discounts for you

Dog Treats & Food Discounts for You

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Hello you lovely pet parent you 😊

I'm Darren co-creator of Bounce and Bella and I just wanted to tell you a little about our discounts, what they are and why we've set them up this way.


Three layers of discounts...

Our discounts are set up so everyone gets the best deal possible whether...

  • You're new to the treats or food.
  • You know what your dog likes and want to buy in larger amounts.
  • You want to make life easier by using our subscription service.


50% off Treats and 20% off Food (raw and dry)

50% off Treats

Designed for Bounce and Bella newbies, we have a 50% off treats offer on our single bags of treats so you and your dog can test us out and see whether you like us at a price that's tricky to pass up.

(If you missed this offer when you were a newbie you can still use it now as long as you've never used it.)

You can find the offer here: 50% off Treats

20% off Food (raw and dry)

This is a one time offer for dog food so you get a great price when you decide to switch your dog to Bounce and Bella dog food be it 80:10:10 Raw or Grain Free Dry.

We also offer a range of free samples of the dry grain free food so you can test them on your dog before making the switch.

Free Samples

20% Raw Dog Food Discount

20% Grain Free Dry Dog Food Discount


Built-in Discounts

Our next layer of discounts is there for those of you whose dogs have tried the food or treats at 50% off and thought - yep you'll do for us.

We've created some very heavily discounted treat multipacks so once you know what your dog loves you can stock up at an awesome price.

The dry and raw food works in a similar way with the discounts built into the bigger sized packs.

You can see our special treat multipacks here: Discounted Multipack Treat Offers

Our dog food savings are built into the pricing models. You can see all our dog food here: Bounce and Bella Dog Food


Subscription Service

Our final layer of discounts is for when you decide to make life easy for yourself and subscribe to our subscription service.

You get a 5% subscription discount on all your treat and food products - and that even includes the already heavily discounted multipacks.

There is lots of flexibility within the service. You can cancel at any time, pause and restart the subscription, change time between orders, skip the next order, add and remove products, change quantities.

It's very, very easy to do - just choose the subscription option when adding a product to your cart.

Any questions you have are likely to be found here: Subscription FAQ


Got a Question or Two?

If you have any questions about anything at all just get in touch - you'll find we're all very friendly 😁

You can find our contact page here: Contact Us