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Complete Raw 80-10-10 dog food


Complete Dog Food Raw (80-10-10)
80% Meat, 10% Bones, 10% Offal
Made and sourced in the UK

Raw feeding in the UK is growing and growing in popularity.

It's easy to see why - you know exactly what you're feeding your dog.

There are no hidden nasties to bulk the food out and make profits at the expense of your dog's health.

It's one raw ingredient so there is no cooking and no over-processing - which means your dog is getting many more nutrients than dry.

And because our raw food is 80-10-10 they are getting a complete meal so no need to scramble together the raw ingredients and hope they are in the correct amounts.
It's a complete meal so there's no worrying.


Why Raw 80-10-10?


Waay Easier Than you Think

Switching to raw feeding is a much easier process than you'd think.

We've got a pdf to send to you after your first order highlighting any potential problems and giving you easy ways to avoid them.

We've also written various pieces about how to switch over and there's loads of information on the product listings below - including how much to feed your dog (for adult dogs it's roughly between 2-3% of their weight).

Here are a few articles where we discuss how easy it is to switch even for fussy dogs (like my gsd Roscoe)...

Diary of a Roscoe
Fussy dog changeover tips
Raw feeding for Senior dogs
Raw feeding for puppies
Raw Feeding FAQ
Raw feeding - Easier than you think


 Why Choose Bounce and Bella for raw food?

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Complete Raw Dog Food – Easier than you Think!

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