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Frequently Asked Questions




If you're topic isn't covered here just get in touch and we'll help:



What discounts do you offer?
We've created a few discounts for you to use on your journey with Bounce and Bella. You can find out more here:

I'm a first time user on your website and want to get my 50% treat discount how do I do it?
We've popped all the information you'll need here for you:

I've found that same 50% discount code on a different product - can I use it again?
It's a one-time use code only I'm afraid.

I've bought from your website before but never used the 50% off code - can I use it now?
Yes, absolutely! It's a one-time use code so when you use it is up to you.

My 50% off code is not working properly
Make sure you follow the instructions on the discount page as the code only applies to the items on the 50% off page (it will not work with multipacks for example).
Be sure there is no space at the end of the code.

I forgot to apply my discount code to my order, can I go back and apply it?
If you have forgotten to apply your discount code to your order, simply contact us and we’ll be able to apply it for you.

Do you do a discount for first time food buyers?
Yes. We do a 20% off discount for our grain free dry food, here's where you can find out more:
And you can grab some samples for your dog to try first here:

Do you do a discount for first time raw food buyers too?
Yes we do. It's a 20% off discount too and you can find out more here:




Just tried to log in to create a new order and it says my email/account is not recognised?
Not to worry, very occasionally the system produces this glitch but your details are still remembered.
Simply, add your items into the shopping cart without logging in.
Once you proceed to checkout and are asked to input your email the system will then find your account.



We have recently begun a subscription service to make life easier for you by sending out your regular purchases automatically and with a small discount. You can find out more here: 



Our view on customer service is really simple... What would we want to happen if that happened to us?
We take full responsibility for your order - any issues just get in touch and we'll help.

I want to make amendments to my order, how do I do this?
If your items haven’t been dispatched then please contact us before 12pm on the day you’ve ordered and we’ll be able to help.
If your items have been dispatched then we may not be able to make amendments but please contact us and we will see what we can do.

My order hasn’t arrived, what do I do?
Usually if your item hasn’t arrived within the 2-5 working day estimate then please feel free to contact us and we’ll be able to chase it up with the courier for you.

However... Please allow more time than usual to ask about lost items.
There's no way of finding your parcel until it's been registered within the Royal Mail system and unfortunately the RM strikes mean items are not being scanned in properly.

My dog doesn’t like the treats, can I get a refund?
We offer a full ‘Sniff & Love’ guarantee so if your dog doesn’t love their new treats or if you run into difficulties then feel free to get in contact and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Can I return an order?
If you’ve received your items and want to return them, then please contact us and we’ll help organise a return for you.

I’ve received an order that's damaged/incorrect/missing an item what should I do?
Please contact us and we’ll get that sorted out for you.



We use various couriers and may split up food and treat orders between couriers. You can find out details about costs, timings, couriers etc on our shipping page:

Do you ship to Northern Ireland?
Unfortunately we can only ship within the UK at the moment because of the very very high fees associated with moving food stuffs into Northern Ireland and Europe.


Do you ship outside the UK?
We only ship within the UK at the moment from our website.
However we do sell within Europe via the various European Amazon stores. Just choose your local one and search Bounce and Bella.



Do you do samples?
Yes. We do food samples but not treat samples yet.
Here's where to order:


Are your treats suitable for puppies?
All the treats are suitable for puppies over the age of 16 weeks and some are suitable for younger puppies - the information should be on the product listing - if you can't find it - just get in touch.
Here are the treats and food we've picked out that work best for puppies:

When should I move my puppy over to your adult dry food?
That very much depends on what your dog's weight is expected to be as an adult.
So, if you give that a quick google (eg border collie average adult weight) and then come back here to see which of the following three adult weight brackets your dog will be in:

Weight as an adult (in bold):
1 – 10 kg
The time to switch is between 9-12 months (make sure your dog has stopped growing and isn't racing around as much as previously)

11 – 25 kg
With this range the time to switch is between 12-15 months (again, make sure your dog has stopped growing and isn't racing around as much as previously)

26 - 45 kg
Here it's about 15 months (a lot of growing support needed for the bigger growers)

Can my puppy eat raw food?
Definitely. Here's an article with more details including how much to feed:



I'm considering moving to raw have you got more details?
Yes, links to all our information can be found on the following page:
There's also lots of information on the product pages themselves:
And here's our FAQ for raw food:

How much should I feed my dog now I'm switching to raw?
Our recommended guideline for adult dogs is to feed them 2-3% of their body weight in raw dog food per day. But every dog is different so feel free to adjust this recommendation to suit your dog and their needs. 

For example, if your dog weighs 10kg, 2% of their body weight would work out as 0.20kgs meaning you would feed them around 200 grams of raw dog food per day.

Example Estimates
10kg Dog is fed approximately 200g to 300g per day 

15kg Dog is fed approximately 300g to 450g per day 

20kg Dog is fed approximately 400g to 600g per day 

30kg Dog is fed approximately 600g to 900g per day

I'm worried about switching my dog to raw - it looks complicated - do you have any guidance?

Yes! Here's an article showing how much easier it is than you think:
Our co-founder Darren switched his dog Roscoe over to raw and wrote about his experience and tips on our blog. You can find the article here:

My dog is very fussy can I still switch to raw food?
Absolutely! Here's a blog post with tips from Darren specially written for fussy dog owners:

Can puppies eat raw food?

There are two options available when introducing them to a raw dog food diet. 

The easiest option is to feed them 2% of their expected adult weight per day and continue until adulthood. 

However, there are other options available for raw feeding puppies if you don’t know their expected adult weight which you can find in our raw feeding for puppies guide

Can senior dogs switch to eating raw food?
Again, absolutely!

Like adult dogs, seniors dogs are recommended to consume between 2-3% of their body weight in raw food per day. 

However, this is a guideline and may decrease as your dog ages and begins to slow down. You can find out more about raw feeding senior dogs in ouraw feeding for senior dogs guide.