Bounce and Bella


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What A Difference This Food Makes

Ok I had been feeding my boy on a much cheaper brand of dog food begins with a W...
Duke turns 9yrs old in August, and although fit and healthy (he is a pure labradror) I had noticed more farts, constant hunger and a hell of a lot of scratching. Generally he was unsettled so after trying the amazing dog treats I bit the bullet and decided to try the Chicken and veg dog food.

Now I will be honest I am paying nearly £44 a month more on Bounce and Bella which I have to juggle finances being a widow and disabled.
BUT lets face it we will go without to ensure our four legged family members are cared for.

And my boy is worth his weight in gold. He is my emotional support dog.
Before changing his food over his poops would often be inconsistent and if he had scavenged something in the woods often he would have the runny bum syndrome for days 😞. Combine that with the scratching constant hunger and that's not good.

So after the first week of full changeover I was and I hate to eat my own words... but I was gobsmacked. 😱 not the fact he needed less of the Bounce and Bella compared to the W, but his poops were solid YES SOLID !!! Oh the joys.
Then there was the scratching it stopped, and the constant rank farting has virtually stopped.
If he does pick up something in woods food wise and lets face it all dogs do it, before I would have days of loose pooh, now its literally one or two poohs and it is back to normal I don't starve him I just feed him as normal.
But what also amazed me was although his coat was good before it was now much better and seemed to get thicker.

My boy Duke has a daily walker due to my disability and he is out 2hrs + a day with her, she has even noticed the difference.
So the cons there are NONE !!
For me the benefits outweigh the cost and because its such a quality dog food you are feeding less than you would on a cheaper brand. For Duke its 100g less a day
Picture with lady in is our wonderful Mickey the dog walker

Duke has now been Bounce and Bella for
3 months 👍😘🙂🥳
I buy the largest bags as works out cheaper but do struggle getting the bag upstairs 😕 thats my problem lol 😂

P.P.S Duke is 33kg BUT 🤣😂 remember if your switching over feed what Bounce and Bella reccomend as I did not the first few weeks I was feeding the same amount as old dog food and when he went for his yearly jab he had put on weight, something which I had always been careful of.
The thing is you need less feed as its pure and not filled with rubbish. He is absorbing the goodness.
He is now back at 33kg 👍

Keeps my dog calm and content

These chews are a sure fire way to get 20 minutes peace from my puppy as he normally goes round the house chewing everything he can! Highly recommended

Really good

Biscuit loved all of them. He really enjoyed them. Great samples
Great value

This was my dogs favourite - and he is fussy!!

Thanks for the samples, having a really fussy eater this is a great way for me to try him with new foods without having to continually throw away/donate food. The duck and orange was a clear favourite! I’ll be ordering more soon!

Peggy really loves them but she also loves the beef

dog loves them

Great product all dogs love them and even big dogs give them a crunch and don't swallow whole. No tummy problems and a great scatter treat . Brilliant

Irresistible is the right word!

Ruby and new dog Beau literally fell on it before I had even got it out of the box! They were sniffing and wagging their tails from the moment it was delivered. Once in their bowls it was gone in seconds! 5 stars is too few!

Introduce your Lovely Dog...
Janice S. (Blairgowrie, GB)
Fearn & Bounce & Bella


Thank you for sending Fearn your free samples, she loved the food. We now have a big bag of tasty food and a big box of all your treats. Which for an ex Romanian Street dog is pure heaven 😊

Aberdeen Angus

My 14 month old collie cross loves bounce and Bella, it's been a tasty treat on our morning training walks and she never turns it down

grain free dog food

super fast delivery nice size for samples loved all flovours 💯 waggy tail
🐾 🐾💖

Great treats

My puppy loves these treats, they help with our training and recall! We will definitely be getting more in the future!

Introduce your Lovely Dog...
Suzanne B. (Leeds, GB)
Treat Monster

As you can see, Noah is a Treat Monster. He absolutely loves his Bounce and Bella treats. 🐶

Great training treats!

Have ordered these before, ideal size for dog training treats, will continue to purchase them and good value too!


I would love for my dog to try this and if she likes it certainly buy more

Our boy loves these treats

I have repurchased these treat so many times after buying them just from description alone! These are the treats we take on walks as reliable to get his attention!!

My dogs absolutely love theses treat and also as a dog walker I haven't found a dog yet who doesn't love them either!

Chicken white tea dental.sticks

My dogs love them and will be buying more soon as does there teeth good.

Introduce your Lovely Dog...
Amy T. (London, GB)
Super tasty treats!

This is Bailey and he adores these treats - brilliant for training - easy to snap in half if he’s being super greedy ;-). Love the fact that they have no nasties in and Bailey does too!! He’s a cocker and as mad as a box of frogs at times but so very very focused when training... he’ll do anything for Bounce and Bella! On a personal note I love all of Darren’s updates (I’m a total dog geek!!)

Quality Product

I came across this product by chance, I am so glad I did as my Dog loves them. They are ideal for the training I need to do with him.

Mabel Approves !!

I am using these little treats in my endeavour to train Mabel my big black (pulls like a train) Labrador to walk on the lead...nicely.
So far so good. She loves these wee treats but I think i,m gonna need a bigger bag !!

Introduce your Lovely Dog...
Robert W. (West Malling, GB)

This is our sweetheart Rosa and she loves your treats

both dogs love these

The dogs love em ! They are on the big side but easy to cut them in half for the smaller dog. They are nice and clean so very convenient to keep in pockets. The only downside is I keep getting mugged by other people dogs trying to get at them!!

No complaints

We use our sample as a training treat, our border terrier went mad for them. We know they at least smell good as I don't think he ever tastes anything he eats.

Used for treats

My puppy loved these, I used them for toilet training treats.