Bounce and Bella


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Clean board every time!

We ordered the variety pack for Frankie to try them all! He can be a picky eater and is already raw fed using another company, which he sometimes does not eat. As we get our treats from bounce and bella we thought we would give their raw a try. Frankie is loving this! Clean board every time!

Introduced my two Affenpinscher to the beef variety recently. Alfie (age 5,) was head in, no stopping. Oska, (age almost 2), had a good sniff first, but soon had an empty bowl as well!

I think that is a 'yes' from the boys!

Yum, yum, yummy!

Yum, yum, yum - that’s what my dog would say, if she could speak.
She loves these grain free, 80% poultry treats, and being particular in what she eats, then that’s high praise indeed!
From a human perspective, very happy with these little treats-good for training, good for topping up treat boredom busters, great as a reward for playing games (for example, scent work) & a healthy choice for the dog.
In case anyone’s wondering whether these small treats are good for large breeds, I’d say yes; my big dog loves them.


Great service as usual. My two dogs just love these treats. I use them for training as they are small and tasty. Great discount which is really important. Thanks again.

I have tried all kinds of different food as Lucy is so fussy, she loved thus food

Totally irresistible!

Moose absolutely loves these, and if I show him just one treat he stops what he’s doing and sits looking pleadingly at me! Easily the best treats on the market!

Top treats!

My lab adores these nibbles - I break them in half for added longevity! Wish the multipack could be a variety of all the flavours, but the chicken are very well received :-). Wholesome, good quality treats

Excellent Healthy Fish SkinSnacks

Both my dogs love these hopefully healthy snacks! Thank you - excellent product.

Fish Skin Snacks – Low Fat Dog Treats
Tamara B. (Edinburgh, GB)
Loves them

Our pup absolutely loves these fish skin! He will literally do anything for one.


Bella says this is very yummy

Angus beef dog food

This is proving popular with my 4 legged friends and seems to be very digestible

Peggy loves these treats

These treats are great as they are only small so great for training, they have a strong smell so good for hiding too.

Premium Baltic Sprats Dog Treats
Gill (Edwinstowe, GB)

Very much enjoyed by my pooch! He has them on top of his dry grain free meal but not every meal . It’s good to see him so excited when they appear! May have to get more once they’ve gone!

Natural Dog Chews – 100% Pure Beef
Susan B. (Weston-super-Mare, GB)
3 Jack Russell's

My Jack Russell's really love these! I buy directly and my orders are delivered promptly.

Premium Baltic Sprats Dog Treats
David M. (Inverness, GB)

They looked so tasty, I was almost tempted to try them myself! My Lhasa Apso, Flossie, agreed - she loves them.

Our dogs love it

Only just began feeding this variety today, but both our German Shepherd Dogs love it

A Rescue Gem

We rescued Pippa three years ago. I took her a long time to settle but she now is loving and head strong. She is a Parson Jack Russell, of course. Definitely not fond of cats and pigeons. She is very gentle with hedgehogs and will dig through solid wood to get at hedgehogs. She has now given up on digging through fences. She patrols her fenced in garden ever day at least three or four times. She lover her food and looks forward to her treats (Bounce and Bella, course)! She was and is worth the effort and is for the most part a changed character from the dog we rescued. She loves water and will go out of her way to splash around in the nearest puddle/stream/pond/lake or river. We love her to bits.


Great food my dog loves them as training treats

Natural Dog Chews – 100% Pure Venison
David G. (Birmingham, GB)
Dog really loves them

She seems to even prefer them to cheese and will do all number of tricks flawlessly in her eagerness.


My Gordon Setter raids my pockets hunting for these treats! With the long use by date, the multipack offer is also irresistable.

Our boy loves these treats

Whether as a reward or a treat after a walk, our boy loves the fish skins. They are a tad stinky but he loves them and knowing they are a healthy and grain free treat makes us feel better too.

Lovely Bedtime Treat

Our sprocker spaniel loves these and it seems to me that this is a far better alternative than the ones available on the high street. She has one before every bedtime!

Pure Duck Nibbles – Just One Ingredient
Marilyn K. (Harlington, GB)

Bought these treats for our very fussy Minature Schnauzer. She absolutely loves them, so we are all very happy. Really speedy delivery too!

They are gobbled up

Bought these on the recommendation of our puppy trainer. Our 6-month old cocker loves them and they are a good way of weaning her off more high value treats as she settles into her training.