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Scroll to the bottom for the natural dog dental chews we have available.
However if you want to find out more about why natural chews are the best way to help your dog - read on... 

Dominated by Junk-Filled Chews

The UK dental chew market is completely dominated by two brands (both owned by the same huge conglomerate) - Yet we never feed their chews to our own dogs!
That’s because of what they contain:

  1. Cereals - The main ingredient in both brands, but dogs struggle to digest cereal and grains causing digestive and itching problems.
  2. Derivatives - Ingredients #2 and #3 are vegetable and animal derivatives.
    Derivatives can contain ANY vegetable (including cereals) or ANY animal - and the veg or animal included can change with every batch made!
    A pet parent’s nightmare for dogs with allergies or sensitivities.
  3. SUGAR! - One of the big two contains “various sugars”... Sugar in a chew to help clean teeth!?! 

A Simple Solution

Luckily there is a simple solution - choose chews for your dog’s teeth and gums with clear, natural ingredients you recognise - with no cereal, no derivatives and definitely no sugar!

Natural Dental Chew - Just Three Ingredients

Bounce and Bella’s chicken, beef and green tea extract dental strips contain only three ingredients!
They’re clearly marked so you know exactly what your dog is eating with - no nasties - no cereals - no grain - no derivatives - no preservatives and no sugar.

They also have some wonderful benefits...

  1. Green tea extract to help control the bacteria that causes decay and gum disease
  2. Rough texture to help remove plaque and toughen up gums
  3. Unique shape so they can get in-between your dog's teeth

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Alternative Teeth and Gum Chews

There are other options too if you’d prefer a single ingredient natural dog chew or treat for your dog’s teeth and gums.
Natural chews are great ways to give your dog's teeth and gums a workout because they…

  1. Can get between your dog’s teeth
  2. Have a rough texture to help remove tartar and toughen gums
  3. Have all sorts of other wonderful benefits - while containing no hidden nasties!

Again, just scroll down to find them or click on the highlighted links above.

Grain Free Dog Dental Chews

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Natural Dog Chews - Chicken, Beef and Green Tea
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