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Grain free working dog food

Our delicious and healthy selection of grain free working dog food comes in all the classic Bounce & Bella flavours. For example, our Large Breed Turkey & Cranberry and our Irresistible Angus Beef  Complete Grain Free Dog Food made with 95% meat and vegetables and 5% added goodness such as omega 3 and vitamins. These among many other working dog food options provide all the protein, fibre and nutrients that your working dog needs to stay active and healthy. Not to mention the delicious flavours that will keep their taste buds coming back for more!

Please note small breed dog food and luxury dog food are not available in 15kg sizes.

All of the different sizes would be exactly the same formula with exactly the same ingredients - they’d just be different weights.

Buying Working Dog Food Example…

  1. You try a sample of the tasty Angus Beef grain free dog food…
  2. Your dog loves it so you buy the 6kg Angus Beef…
  3. And on your next visit you decide the 15kg Working Dog was your best option...

Many customers who purchase the bigger 15kg size have dogs that work. There is no VAT on the 15kg bags and invoices state 'working dogs' making it easier to claim back the food as expenses rather than having to contact us each time to send a separate invoice.

To purchase the working dog food just choose any of the Adult, Puppy or Senior flavours from the link below and select the 15kg size where available from the products below.

If you’ve not tried the dog food samples first you can find them here:

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Choose which style of food you want - raw or dry - and use that code at checkout!
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Grain Free Working Dog Food

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