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UK Dog Treats

A selection of Bounce and Bella’s dog treats are made in the UK and all our treats are made either in the UK or the EU to the exact same high standards. 

Clear & Simple Ingredients

Our dog snack ingredients are always clearly shown so you always know exactly what you’re feeding your dog.

And we only sell treats for our gorgeous pups containing simple, natural and clearly recognisable ingredients and will never, never, never sell treats that contain the gruesome twosome of grain or derivatives.

Which means you can choose your dog’s tasty treats from our site without worrying about what hidden nasties they may contain.

UK Dog Training Treats

Our UK made poultry training treats became the best selling dog treat on Amazon UK almost as soon as we began selling them and it’s easy to see why…
  1. Just 5 ingredients: Chicken, duck, turkey, sweet potato & potato - that’s it!
  2. Small with a high value crunch: they are small so you can train more without overfeeding and because they have a high value crunch your dog will adore every single treat.
  3. Healthy: No grain, no gluten, no additives, no preservatives - just simple, natural ingredients.

100% 'Sniff & Love' Guarantee

As pet parents we know how fussy our dogs can be so all our products are covered by Bounce and Bella’s 100% ‘Sniff and Love’ Guarantee.
If you or your dog don't love your purchase just let us know and we'll refund you with our 100% no-quibble guarantee.

UK Dog Treats

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