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English Bulldog Allergies

English Bulldogs are the dog most prone to allergies, both environmental and food. So if you’re a bulldog pet parent you have to be particularly careful about the food and the treats you give your dog.
Food allergies show up in digestion problems such as diarrhea, vomiting and flatulence (a sign your dog’s body is struggling to digest something).
Allergic reactions to food can also show as itching, scratching or nibbling issues.

Unclear Ingredients

Making this problem worse for pet parents is the unclear ingredients and misleading words on so many treat packets today.
For instance the term animal derivatives is often used on the ingredients on the back of a packet and those animal derivatives can contain any animal and they can even change from batch to batch - so you never know which ingredients you are really giving your lovely dog!
That’s a nightmare for a bulldog that has specific allergies.

Clear Solution

The solution is two-fold --
  1. Always look for clear ingredients so you know exactly what you’re feeding your dog. If you don’t know what an ingredient is… avoid.
  2. And avoid the ingredients that are known to most commonly cause allergic reactions:
  • No Wheat or Grain
  • No Derivatives
  • No Soya
  • No Dairy
  • No Preservatives
  • No Flavourings

Bounce and Bella Treats

That’s what Bounce and Bella are all about…
  • Just a few clear ingredients so you know exactly what your dog is eating.
  • No Nasties! Never Never Never. We will never sell any treats or food that contain the particularly gruesome twosome of grain or derivatives.
  • All backed by our 100% ‘Sniff and Love’ Guarantee so if you or your dog doesn’t love their new treats let us know so you can get your money back.

Browse the treats below for your bulldog and you’ll see our ethos in every single one. Simple, natural treats, with just a few ingredients (often just one) so you always know exactly what you’re feeding your gorgeous dog...

Bulldog Treats

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