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Raw Dog Food For Small Breeds


Raw Dog Food for Small Breeds: A Tail-Wagging Guide


Ever looked into your dog's dish. Questioned if you're really providing them with the best food? You're not alone. Numerous pet owners are opting for raw dog food as an option for their dogs. Is it equally beneficial, for our little furry friends?

The advantages of Raw Food, for Small Breeds

Small dog breeds are known for their personalities and distinct dietary requirements. Providing them with a diet may appear intimidating. The potential advantages are certainly worth exploring;

  • Gut Health; Raw food, consisting of simpler and natural components may prove to be gentler, on the digestive systems of small canines.
  • Dental Benefits: Raw diets often include bones that are not only safe to chew but help keep teeth clean and gums healthy.
  • Enhanced Energy: Without fillers and additives, raw food can help maintain a healthy weight in small breeds and boost their energy levels.

Common Concerns and Misconceptions

Despite the benefits, hesitation persists, mainly due to myths surrounding raw feeding:

  • Choking Hazards: Properly sized raw pieces minimize risks, making raw diets as safe as traditional kibble.
  • Nutritional Balance: Formulated raw diets, like those from Bounce and Bella, ensure your dog gets the right mix of nutrients tailored for their size and breed.

How to Transition to a Raw Diet

Transitioning to a raw diet should be a gradual process:

  1. Start Small: Add raw dog food slowly into your pups diet, mixing it with their current food and gradually increasing the raw portion over several weeks.
  2. Monitor Changes: Keep an eye on their digestion, energy levels, and overall health. Adjust as necessary with the guidance of a vet.
  3. Stay Consistent: Once fully transitioned, maintain a consistent feeding schedule to help your dog’s digestive system adapt.

Recommended Types of Raw Food for Small Breeds

Choosing the right type of raw food is crucial for small breeds:

  • Appropriately Sized Meals: Look for raw food options that cater to smaller mouths—smaller, softer bones, and finely ground meat can prevent choking.
  • Balanced Recipes: Bounce and Bella offer recipes that consider the caloric needs and nutritional requirements of small breeds, making them an excellent choice for caring pet owners.


As we’ve seen, raw dog food isn’t just for the big dogs on the block. Small breeds can flourish on a well-balanced raw diet. Are you ready to explore a raw food adventure with your small breed dog? 

With careful consideration and the right guidance, your tiny companion can enjoy a full and vibrant life on their new diet. Don't forget to consult with your vet and consider trusted sources like Bounce and Bella for high-quality raw food tailored for your little one’s needs.

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  • Darren Clunie