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Raw Dog Food, for Picky Eaters; A Guide by Bounce and Bella

Feeding a picky eater? Every bark and tail wag at mealtime can turn into a sigh when your pup sniffs their bowl and walks away uninterested. But not to worry! At Bounce and Bella we get it – we're here to turn that frown down and serve up a meal your dog will love. Let's explore the realm of raw dog food crafted for the finicky of eaters.

First things first: why raw? Raw dog food embodies the core elements of a diet filled with fresh meats and essential nutrients that dogs naturally desire. However if your dog is selective about food, just serving meals may not suffice—you must also guarantee that it is irresistibly delicious. 

Understanding Your Picky Eater

Before switching to or enhancing a raw diet, understand why your dog might be finicky. Is it a matter of taste, texture, or perhaps an underlying health issue? Consulting with your vet can ensure that dietary changes are both safe and potentially beneficial.

Tailoring the Taste

Texture can be a big deal for dogs. Some enjoy a crunch, while others prefer something they can gulp down without much fuss. Bounce and Bella offers a range of textures in our raw food options, ensuring there’s something to tickle every palate. Mixing in some dry kibble for a bit of crunch or adding a splash of warm broth can make the meal more appealing.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Even the pickiest eater can be tempted with variety. Rotate between proteins like chicken, beef, and lamb to keep your dog intrigued. Every Bounce and Bella raw meal comes packed with different meaty goodness, ensuring your dog gets a balanced diet while exploring different flavors.

Feeding Strategies for Success

Ease the Transition: If your dog doesn't have sensitive digestion, switch from dry to raw food in one go, allowing 12 hours between the last meal and the new raw meal. For sensitive dogs, transition gradually over 5-7 days.

Simplify Feeding Times: Feed once a day if your dog is an adult. This simplifies digestion and mimics natural eating patterns.

Reduce Stress at Mealtime: Place the food down without fuss and walk away. This reduces pressure and mimics natural pack behavior, encouraging your dog to eat.

Be Patient with Portion Sizes: Don't worry if your dog eats less some days. Appetites can vary due to exercise, weather, or stress.

Enhancing Flavor and Aroma

Dogs possess a sense of smell. Serving them a delicious meal could help in enticing even the fussiest eaters. Heating the food a bit can intensify its scent making it more enticing. Additionally you could experiment with adding natural flavor enhancers such as a pinch of powder or a splash of salmon oil to boost their omega 3 intake.

Health First

A good diet is essential for your pets health. The raw food options from Bounce and Bella are not just tasty. Also designed to provide the nutrition to keep your dog healthy. Packed with proteins, fats and vital vitamins these meals help your furry friend not just eat well but flourish.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

When you're trying out foods, for those who are selective eaters it's important to be patient. Begin by blending a portion of the food with their usual favorite dishes and slowly increase the amount of fresh food as they start to show curiosity.

A Community of Support

You’re not alone in this journey. Join the Bounce and Bella community to share tips, stories, and advice with other pet parents of picky eaters. Learning from others can provide new ideas and insights that could be just what you need.

Finally to sum it up feeding your dog food comes with a bunch of advantages, for your pet. Here at Bounce and Bella we ensure that even the selective dogs eagerly anticipate mealtime, with excitement. Just remember a joyful pup is a pup. By providing the proper diet even your finicky eater can transform into an eager diner. Here's to nutritious dining!

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  • Darren Clunie