Grain Free Dog Food and Treats

The Tasting Platter

Natural, Tasty Air Dried Treats

Create your dog's own delicious Tasting Platter Bundle.
Grab a few simple, natural products for your dog to enjoy. Made using a specially formulated slow and low temperature air-drying method - which locks in nutrients & delicious taste.

Price Break Discounts 

We've created price break discounts for your dog's delicious tasting platter.
The more you buy, the more you save.
Ordering 9 or more means free shipping.

  • 4-8 packs of any products below: 10% off with code Platter10
  • 9-14 : 15% off with code Platter15
  • 15+ : 20% off with code Platter20

NB  If subscribing use the discount code to get your discount with every subscription order.

Create your own Dog Treat Bundle - The Tasting Platter

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Natural chicken feet
Sold Out
natural chicken necks for dogs
Sold Out
Beef Pizzle
venison strips, natural dog chews
Beef Trachea Low-fat & calming natural chew for all ages
Sold Out
Natural Chicken Breast Piece
rabbit ears with hair for dogs
Natural Beef Skin
Sold Out
natural venison skin dog chews
Sold Out
large beef paddywack
Natural chicken feet
wild boar strips