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Raw Dog Food For Weight Loss


Raw Dog Food for Weight Loss: A Natural Solution from Bounce and Bella

Is your fluffy companion gaining some weight? Keeping your dog's weight in check can be quite a task for owners. 

Ensuring your friend is both content and healthy is essential yet standard diets may not always yield the desired results. 

This is where raw dog food comes into play as an option especially when it comes to helping with shedding those pounds.

Understanding Raw Dog Food

Bounce and Bella prioritize natural and nutritious raw dog food made from elements, like meats, bones, fruits and vegetables. 

This diet reflects the eating habits of canines before they were domesticated, aligning perfectly with our belief in nutrition.

Why Choose Raw Food for Weight Management?

  1. Low Carb, High Protein: Raw diets are naturally lower in carbs and higher in proteins. Eating proteins is crucial to keep muscles strong and maintain health and cutting down on carbs can prevent weight gain.
  2. Raw foods are rich in enzymes and nutrients that can be lost when cooked aiding in digestion. This improved digestion can boost metabolism assisting in weight control.
  3. A balanced diet has an impact on energy levels and overall well being. An active dog with spirits is more likely to stay fit due to increased activity.

Transitioning Your Dog to a Raw Diet

Making the switch should be a gradual process:

  • Start by substituting raw food with their current food.
  • Gradually increase the proportion of raw food over several weeks.
  • Monitor your dog’s health and energy levels throughout the transition.

Considerations Before Switching

  • Do not mix raw food with current food, meals need to be separated in the morning and evening.
  • Before making any changes to your dog's diet it's important to consult with your vet especially if your furry friend has any health issues. 
  • Keep an eye out for allergies and sensitivities that your dog may have and select ingredients carefully. 
  • Make sure that the raw food you choose offers a rounded diet tailored to your dog's age, weight and overall health requirements.


Transitioning to a diet for your dog to help them lose weight isn't about slimming down; it's also about improving your dog's overall well being and lifespan. 

Here at Bounce and Bella we're believers in providing pets with the most natural food options available. 

Why not consider giving raw dog food a chance and witness the changes in your companion firsthand? Share your stories with us, and let’s help every pet live a healthier, happier life!

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  • Darren Clunie