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Raw Dog Food for Weight Gain: A Nutritious Guide from Bounce and Bella

Hello there, pet lovers! Have you observed your dog appearing thin even though they eat well? 

Perhaps your veterinarian has recommended some weight gain for your pet? If that's the case you're in the spot! Today we're exploring how feeding food to dogs can significantly help those looking to increase their weight.

Why Weight Gain?

Let's start with this; What could be the reason for a dog needing to put on some pounds? 

Similar to humans dogs might be on the side due to factors such as health issues being highly active or simply having a naturally speedy metabolism. 

Regardless of the cause, putting on weight can play a role in their well being and vitality.

The Role of Raw Food

Enter raw dog food—known for its health benefits and nutritional richness.

So how does it actually assist in gaining weight? Raw diets contain protein and essential nutrients in an unrefined state that dogs find easy to digest and absorb. 

This means more of the good stuff goes directly towards building muscle mass and healthy fat.

Key Ingredients for Weight Gain

When considering raw food for weight gain, focus on high-calorie, nutritious ingredients:

  • Meats, with content, such as lamb and pork offer a good amount of calories and essential fats. 
  • Organ meats like liver and kidneys are rich in nutrients. Packed with vitamins. 
  • Ground bones are a source of calcium and various minerals. 
  • Eggs are a source of protein that's easy to digest containing beneficial fats as well.

Blending these components creates a rounded meal plan that not supports weight gain but also promotes overall well being and energy.

Feeding Guidelines

How much to feed? Typically, underweight dogs need more calories. This means slightly larger servings of raw food than you might normally feed. Start with an increase of about 10-20% and monitor your dog's progress, adjusting as needed. Remember, the goal is healthy weight gain, so it should be gradual.

Keep It Fun and Light

Changing a dog's food can feel a bit daunting. At Bounce and Bella we like to approach it with a sense of fun. 

Consider it as a journey, for your friend. Discovering the delicious realm of raw foods that not only satisfy their hunger but also contribute to their overall well being.

Real Stories from the Pack

Don’t just take our word for it—many dog owners have seen remarkable changes in their pets after switching to raw food for weight gain. For instance, Charlie, a once-slender Beagle, turned into a vibrant and energetic pooch, all thanks to his new diet.

Common Questions Answered

  • Can all dogs switch to raw food? Most can, but it's always best to consult with your vet first.
  • How quickly will my dog gain weight? It varies, but with consistent feeding, you should see changes within a few months.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it! When it comes to feeding your dog food it's not about keeping their weight in check; it's also about helping them gain weight when necessary. 

By using top notch ingredients, giving the amount and being patient you can help your dog reach a weight and improve their overall well being.

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  • Darren Clunie