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Grain-Free Small Breed Dog Food: A Perfect Choice for Your Furry Friend

Selecting the meal for your friend can be quite a daunting decision given the multitude of choices out there. Here, at Bounce and Bella we recognize the importance of serving your pet with meals that cater to their needs. That's why we offer an array of grain-free dog food choices designed for small canine breeds.

Why Grain-Free?

Lets begin by considering this; why choose grain free?

Lots of dog parents are choosing grain-free diets for their friends these days for various reasons. 

Some pups might have sensitivities or allergies to grains, which could cause issues, like skin irritations or tummy troubles. Removing grains from their meals can help enhance your dogs health and happiness.

Moreover grain free diets generally contain high levels of protein and healthier fats offering your dog the necessary fuel to remain lively and engaged. This point is especially crucial for small breeds that typically have higher metabolisms and liveliness compared to larger breeds.

The Benefits of Grain-Free Small Breed Dog Food

  1. Small breed dogs at times face challenges with digestion and opting for grain food can aid in addressing this concern. By eliminating grains such as wheat, corn and soy from your dogs diet their digestive system has less to process making digestion easier and reducing discomfort.
  2. Skin and coat health can be affected by reactions triggered by grains. Transitioning to a grain free diet may alleviate issues like itching and redness promoting a coat and overall healthier skin.
  3. Grain free foods tend to be higher in proteins and fats offering an energy source that suits the active lifestyle of small breeds.
  4. Weight management is crucial for dogs prone to weight gain. Grain free diets often assist in maintaining a weight by keeping your dog satisfied due to the increased protein content reducing the tendency to overeat.

What to Look for in Grain-Free Small Breed Dog Food

When choosing a grain free diet for your pup there are several important aspects to keep in mind:

  • Choose foods with a high quality protein source, like chicken, fish or lamb listed first. This guarantees that your furry friend gets the amino acids for muscle upkeep and overall well being.
  • Check that the food contains a mix of vitamins and minerals. Make sure it has antioxidants to boost their system calcium for bones and omega fatty acids for healthy skin and fur.
  • Opt for small sizes for small breed dogs. Their small mouths will appreciate dog food that's just right for them making it easier to chew and digest their meals.

Bounce and Bella’s Grain-Free Options

At Bounce and Bella we take pride in offering premium grain free dog food that ticks all the boxes. We create our recipes, with care using the best ingredients to make sure your beloved furry companion gets the nutrition they need without any additives.

Our dog food, without grains, is packed with premium proteins. Completely devoid of added colours, flavours and preservatives. We understand that each dog is special which is why our food is tailored to cater to the needs of breeds.

Customer Stories

Our customers have experienced enhancements in their pets well being upon transitioning to Bounce and Bella's grain free dog food. 

They've noticed shinier coats and boosted energy levels showcasing the benefits. 

A delighted customer expressed, "Since shifting to Bounce and Bella's grain free diet my adorable Pomeranian has shown vitality and her fur is more radiant, than ever!"

Transitioning to Grain-Free

Transitioning your dog to a diet should be done slowly to prevent any stomach issues. 

Begin by swapping out grain-free food with their current food and slowly increase the ratio over a period of a few weeks. This gradual change allows your dog's digestive system to adapt smoothly to the new diet.


Ensuring your dog gets the right food is vital, for their well being and joy. Opting for grain free options comes with advantages, such as better digestion and a shinier coat. 

We, at Bounce and Bella are committed, to offering high quality meals tailored to suit your pets requirements. By choosing our grain free diet you can rest assured that you're providing your beloved furry companion with optimal nutrition.

Ready to make the transition? Head over to Bounce and Bella today. Experience firsthand the impact that premium grain free dog food can have on your small breed dog. Your furry pal will be grateful!

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  • Darren Clunie