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Dry Hypoallergenic Dog Food Choices


Dry Hypoallergenic Dog Food Choices

When it comes to our pets each tail wag and joyful leap reflects their well being and joy. 

However what should you do if your canine companion starts scratching or experiences issues due to their diet? 

It may be an idea to think about switching to dog food, specifically dry options designed to steer clear of typical allergens. Let's explore some choices that could have an impact on your dog's well being!

Why Hypoallergenic?

It's important to grasp the reasons behind opting for dog food. Dogs, similar to humans, may develop allergies to ingredients present in regular dog foods. 

These could be beef, dairy, chicken and even wheat! The signs of allergies can vary from skin irritations to digestion issues. 

If you observe any of these symptoms consulting your veterinarian might lead to a suggestion for a diet.

Choosing the Right Hypoallergenic Food

Understanding the ins and outs of dog food labels can be quite challenging. Keep an eye out for items labeled as " ingredient" or "single source protein." 

Typically these terms indicate that the food has ingredients reducing the chances of triggering allergies. The key is to prioritize simplicity and clarity when it comes to the ingredients used.

Top Picks for Hypoallergenic Dry Dog Food

  1. At Bounce and Bella we take pride in our grain free dry dog food. Our formula is free of grains. Designed to be both tasty and reduce the chances of triggering food allergies. We use components, with one protein source making it a great option for dogs, with sensitivities.
  2. When it comes to diets many people opt for fish based formulas since they are less likely to cause reactions. Seek out products that feature salmon or other types of fish as the protein ingredient, paired with sweet potato to create a wholesome and nourishing dish.
  3. Duck or Venison Dishes; These options are great, for dogs with allergies, to proteins. Duck and venison are less likely to trigger allergies. Can introduce some diversity to your dogs meals while ensuring their well being.

Transitioning to a New Food

Changing your dog's food suddenly isn't recommended. It's better to introduce the food by mixing it with their current diet and increasing the portion of new food over a week or more. This gradual transition helps your dog's stomach adapt without causing discomfort.

The Homemade Route

Thinking about taking matters into your hands? Creating meals for your friend can be a fulfilling method to guarantee they consume only the finest ingredients. 

Begin by opting for a protein source (such as rabbit or kangaroo for a bit of excitement). Combine it with vegetables that are gentle, on their stomach.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the food for your friend especially when faced with allergies might feel overwhelming. However, with the knowledge and access to quality products like those provided by Bounce and Bella you're well equipped to ensure your dog enjoys a joyful life. Always remember to consult your veterinarian before making any changes for your dog.

Whether you opt for a made hypoallergenic choice or prefer creating homemade meals the primary focus should always be on your dogs well being and contentment. Here's to itches and wagging tails.

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  • Darren Clunie