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Best Grain-Free Dog Food for Skin Allergies


Best Grain-Free Dog Food for Skin Allergies

Does your dog have a problem scratching and nibbling at themselves? If it’s become a regular thing and you’ve tried searching for fleas or buying collars and they don’t stop the itching - it could very well be their diet… or the grain in their diet to be more precise. Skin allergies in dogs are becoming more and more of a problem with grains often the hidden cause of the problem.

So why is grain-free dog food a waaaay better option for dogs with skin allergies? But more than that - why is it a better choice for your dog’s health and happiness than the usual grain-filled food?

Why Grain-Free Dog Food Is Better for Dogs with Skin Allergies

Grains like wheat, corn, even rice are amongst the most common causes of dog allergies. They’re the ingredients hidden away in the ingredients list in tiny print on the backs of packs that can trigger allergic reactions commonly causing inflammation which in turn causes your dog to itch and nibble at themselves. A good quality grain-free dog food doesn’t include any of those useless grain-based filler ingredients offering up a naturally hypoallergenic alternative for dogs with sensitive skin.

Grains are incredibly difficult for our dogs to digest. It’s common for grain-based manufacturers to suggest dogs are omnivores but they’re really opportunistic carnivores whose entire digestive system is based on eating meat - it’s just that they will eat non-meat if it presents itself.

However their ancient eating/digestive system hasn’t caught up with their recent human-centred habits - you just need to compare our teeth to theirs to see that.

Grains are broken down incredibly slowly.  Over time this causes your dog’s body to fight against it. If you have hayfever you will have suffered something similar - your body's fight against the pollen is what causes the inflammation and itching. The same thing is happening here to your dog. It’s fighting against an unwelcome visitor causing the inflammation, then the itching. And if this happens regularly enough it’s termed a sensitivity and then an allergy.

So why do pet food manufacturers use these gruesome grains like wheat, corn, rice, or barley?
They’re used as filler instead of meat to give themselves more profit - at the expense of our dog’s health.

Research by the British Veterinary Association has shown that over 70% of non-routine vet appointments are caused by problems made worse by diet - over 70%!

That’s why more and more vets are recommending grain free diets for dogs - to start addressing the recent avalanche of skin allergies, the digestive problems and the behaviour issues that grain in our dog’s diets is causing.

Removing grain and offering up delicious, meaty,  grain-free dog food can ease those painful symptoms that grain-based inflammation causes and giving you your healthy, happy dog back!

How to Pick the Best Grain-Free Dog Food

So once you’ve decided grain-free dog food is the way forward for your pet, there are some further points to consider when choosing which dog food to buy:

  • Quality Ingredients - look for natural, fresh ingredients that could be something you’d pick up from the supermarket. If you look at the ingredients and the first few contain weird sounding phrases - avoid.
  • Protein Source - Always buy grain-free dog foods with real - and ideally fresh - meat or fish as the number one protein source. It should also be the first ingredient on the ingredient list - which means it’s the main ingredient by weight too. Why are protein-rich diets so vital for dogs? Because as I said earlier - they’re carnivores (check out those teeth again!) and protein is their most important food source. Protein supports growth, maintains muscles - it’s the start of everything your dog needs to stay fit and healthy.
  • Nutritional Balance: Ensure the grain-free dog food you choose will give them a good balanced diet so plenty of additional nutritional goodies for all those essential vitamins and minerals that will make sure your dog stays fit and  healthy.

Bounce and Bella provide a variety of grain dog food choices, such, as;

Irresistible Angus Beef. Complete Grain Free Dog Food; Crafted with high quality Angus beef and essential nutrients this grain free dog food is designed to please your dogs palate while maintaining their well being.

Aromatic Chicken and Veg - Adult - Complete Grain-Free Dog Food: Complete Grain Free Dog Food; With a delightful mix of chicken and vegetables this grain free option offers a well rounded diet for adult dogs without any grains or artificial additives.

Delicious Venison, Salmon & Mulberry - Adult - Complete Grain-Free Dog Food: Complete Grain Free Dog Food; Packed with protein and omega 3 fatty acids this unique blend of flavors in grain free dog food is adored by dogs while promoting healthy skin and coat.

Small Breed - Aromatic Chicken and Veg - Complete Grain-Free Dog Food: Savory Chicken and Veg. Complete Grain Free Dog Food; Tailored for small breeds this choice provides the ideal combination of nutrition and taste.

Insights from Veterinarians on Grain Free Dog Food

Although many pet owners prefer grain dog food it's crucial to take into account expert perspectives. 

In 2018 the FDA started looking into grain dog foods following reports linking them to an increased risk of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) a heart condition. It's important to talk to your vet and opt, for grain choices from trusted brands like Bounce and Bella while the investigation continues.

Identifying Signs of Grain Allergies in Your Dog

If you suspect your dog may have a grain allergy keep an eye out for signs such as

  • itching and scratching
  • Skin redness or inflammation
  • Ear infections
  • Digestive issues
  • Hair loss or hot spots

If your furry friend shows any of these symptoms consult with your vet to pinpoint the root cause and consider dietary changes like switching to grain free dog food.

Some dog breeds are more prone to skin allergies than others. Breeds like Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds are commonly affected. However any dog regardless of breed or age can develop skin allergies due to factors such, as grains.

What to Feed Your Canine Companion; Consider Bounce and Bella's Grain Free Dog Food

Opting for grain free dog food can be a choice for dogs dealing with skin allergies since it removes allergens and offers a balanced diet. Bounce and Bella provide a variety of grain dog food options, such as kibble, wet food and raw choices tailored to your dogs preferences and nutritional requirements. With top notch ingredients and a dedication to enhancing health and wellness, Bounce and Bellas grain free dog food stands out as a selection for pet owners who are selective about their furry friends diets.

Delight your pup with flavors and nourishing ingredients they deserve witnessing an improvement in their skin allergies and an overall boost, in their well being.

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