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Best Grain Free Dog Food for Large Breeds


Best Grain Free Dog Food Options for Large Breeds

The diet you provide your furry friend plays a role in their overall well being and health. Ensuring that your large canine companion gets an amount of food is important. Its equally essential to choose the right kind of food for them.

Did you know that grains are not a necessary component of a dog's diet?

While grains may be necessary for humans; they are not essential for dogs.

In this article we'll explore some of the grain dog food options designed specifically for large breeds.

Do Large Dogs Need Grain?

Grains are NOT essential in your dog's diet.

Grain creates glucose, which the body needs. However, there are several other sources for dogs to receive glucose, such as starchy vegetables and legumes.

Some people assume that grains also contribute to bone health, but they don't. Large dogs are especially in need of strong bones compared to small dog breeds.

Grain can’t be digested properly by dogs - they’re set up as scavenging carnivores - look at their teeth.

Grain and glucose - grain gets turned into sugars and if they’re not used they then get stored as fats.

Grain is used as a cheap filler by huge dog food companies to make more profit - it’s cheaper than meat and veg.

Is Grain-Free Food Good for Large Breed Dogs?

Including grains in a dog's diet may lead to health issues like diabetes and obesity. This is why choosing a grain diet could enhance your dog's lifespan and overall well being. It's crucial to eliminate grains from a dog's diet particularly when weight loss is necessary. Fortunately an increasing number of food options designed for dog breeds now feature grain alternatives.

Types of Grain-Free Dog Food for Large Breeds

Bounce and Bella

Bounce and Bella offers luxury dog food and treats out of England with plenty of grain-free options. You can try samples of the different foods at a low price to learn which options your dog likes the best.

Some of the dry dog food options for large breeds include:

  • Free-range chicken

  • Salmon and trout

  • Turkey and cranberry

  • Steam-cooked salmon and veggies

  • Aberdeen Angus beef

  • Grass-fed lamb

As a premium dog food brand, large bags of food come with a premium price. You may have to pay more if you need to deliver to America. Don't forget your treats in your order!

Taste of the Wild Grain-Free Dog Food

Taste of the Wild is an American company that offers nine different dog food recipes at a reasonable price. And all of their products are grain-free and based on the diet of traditional wild dogs. They also have wet food options.


Large dogs have special needs, as they need the nutrients to support their larger bodies. However, too many large-breed dog foods have grains in them when it's not necessary. Try a grain-free dog food for your large breed dog today.

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  • Darren Clunie